Lovebirds, by Philippe et Arthur Tasquin, a song and artwork for the prisoners (Ali Aarrass, Julian Assange and all the others)

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Lovebirds is a collaboration between a father and a son who wanted to create something together. This project is about the loneliness and pain of being far from our loved ones. It explores a dystopic society where everyone is captive and separated.
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My love my darling
I hear you crying
Behind the walls
From the dark world of shadows

I’m such a long time in prison
Waiting for another season
Now it’s time to free
The blackbird inside me
And let it go…

Whispering in the breeze
What it’s like to be free
How it feels to be home in your arms
Run the earth
Touch the sky
And then send back to me
All those precious memories

Could it be some delusion
Now I see in a vision
White wings take shape in the moon
White wings approach
And fly me away

A song by Philippe Tasquin
Directed by Arthur Tasquin

Philippe Tasquin

Arthur Tasquin

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