The return of Ali Aarrass ! (vidéo Mohamed Ouachen + message London Support Group)



Finally, after more than ten years in jail in Morocco on trumped-up charges, Ali Aarrass is free – and home. He has survived torture, a show trial marked by an absence of evidence, years of unjust incarceration marked by solitary confinement, cruel reprisals for the international support he received, near-fatal hunger and thirst strikes embarked on to protest his treatment – and then, after being released from prison in early April, another three-month wait in Morocco before he was able to go home to Belgium.

We celebrate his endurance, the unflinching support from his sister Farida, from Luk Vervaet and from supporters in Morocco, Spain, Belgium, the UK and elsewhere – and his homecoming.

Frances Webber
London Support Group for Ali Aarrass

Ali Aarrass a besoin de vous ! 


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